“HCP is not in the business of just selling loans; our job, our passion, is to help outline a path to home ownership for each customer that we are fortunate enough to work with. We take the time to find out what their financial goals are, where they see themselves in 20 years, and how we can help make their dreams come true. HCP is in the business of people.”
- Joel Hammond

Here is what you can expect from HCP Mortgage:
1. A process that is both streamlined and easy to understand
2. Industry professionals that are interested in building relationships for life
3. The resources and transparency you need to simplify the decision-making process

HCP Mortgage leads with a servant’s heart – always
The spirit of family and giving back are alive and well at HCP Mortgage. When we say we lead with a servant’s heart, we are saying that putting the needs of other’s first is one of our driving forces. We look at what is best for our customers, not what is best for us, in all aspects of the mortgage process.
Unlike traditional organizational hierarchy where authority and decision-making power are at the top of the pyramid with orders carried out by the subordinates below, HCP’s Lead Up approach places customers at the top of an inverted pyramid and focuses on ‘leading up’ through the organization to empower employees to engage, problem solve, and lead. It is a communication tree and sharing of information.