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The home buying process simplified

  1. Meet your loan officer

    Meet your loan officer

    After selecting a loan officer to work with, you will schedule a meeting together to review your financial situation, run your credit score and discuss your long and short term financial goals. We will advise you what documents are needed such as bank statements, payroll stubs, tax returns, debts and assets.

  2. Submit Your ApplicationSubmit Your Application

    Submit Your Application

    Don’t be nervous for the application process; we will walk you through each step on your path towards home ownership! You will be asked to provide the documentation we discussed earlier (for a list of needed documentation, download our Documentation Checklist) and once it’s all been collected, we can jump start the process.

  3. The AppraisalThe AppraisalThe AppraisalThe Appraisal

    The Appraisal

    To keep things moving along, we send your application to our appraisal team members, rather than outsourcing to another company.

  4. Loan Approved With Conditions

    Loan Approved With Conditions

    We begin the loan review process and if all goes well during our loan review process, your loan receives our green light of approval to proceed. There may be a conditions you will need to provide documentation for and resubmit for processing.

  5. Final UnderwritingFinal UnderwritingFinal UnderwritingFinal Underwriting

    Processing Begins

    The HCP Processing team work tirelessly to handle all aspects of the day and night to make sure all docs are complete well before your closing date to ensure that your closing goes smoothly.

  6. Final UnderwritingFinal UnderwritingFinal UnderwritingFinal Underwriting

    Final Underwriting

    Our Underwriting Department conducts a final review of your loan to verify that all conditions have been met. Congratulations, your loan process is now complete and you are ready to close!

  7. Closing


    Congratulations! We are ready to sign your closing paperword, answer your questions and get you moving in to your new home.
    Welcome Home!!

  8. Move In Day!

    It’s closer than you think. Contact us to kick start the process.

    Find a Loan Officer